Over 40,000 jobs will be lost in the next two years from British shipyards unless the Government acts. Send a strong message to ministers by clicking on the link to join our campaign and tell the Secretary of State for Defence to build these ships in Britain.

Keep Britain Afloat

Dear Mr. Wallace,

40,000 jobs are at risk over the next two years in British shipyards because of a shortage of work following the end of the aircraft carrier programme.

This will have a devastating impact on shipbuilding communities and the industry’s supply chain which provides a further 20,000 jobs in every part of the UK and worth £1.7bn to the economy. Britain’s historic ability to design, build and maintain its own warships is under threat.

It doesn’t have to be this way. With a small change to the National Shipbuilding Strategy the Government can ensure that the Fleet Solid Support ship programme, which will support our aircraft carriers in war zones, is built by a consortium of British companies, thereby protecting our sovereign capability to design, build and maintain Navy ships. You can defend our shipbuilding industry by declaring this to be a national security issue.

Instead, the Government is hiding behind EU procurement rules which are forcing British companies into an unfair competition with overseas shipyards who receive direct and hidden state subsidies, which mean they can keep their costs artificially low. No other EU country applies the rules in this way.

It is absurd to claim that, as we leave the EU, we are being held back by EU rules that are simply ignored by our neighbours in France, Germany, Italy in Spain who have all built or have ordered similar vessels without competition.

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