Over 40,000 jobs will be lost in the next two years from British shipyards unless the Government takes action. Working together we can save these jobs and the communities they support.


There is a crisis growing in Britain’s shipbuilding industry.

This year British shipbuilders, working together in every shipyard in the country, will complete work on two of the most advanced aircraft carriers in the world.

As the project comes to an end there will be a two-year gap before the next naval vessels are to be built.

Unless the government takes action to plug that gap over 20,000 jobs, built up to design and manufacture the carriers, will disappear, along with another 20,000 jobs that supply the shipyards with advanced technology, equipment, and services.

This means Britain will no longer have the necessary skills or workforce to build or maintain naval ships.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. The government wants to put £1.5 billion worth of contracts, to build the supply ships needed to keep the aircraft carriers at sea, out to international competition. We think these ships should be built at British shipyards.

The UK government says that EU legislation means there has to be a competition, but we are leaving the EU. Anyway, the French, Italians, and Germans build their supply ships in their own shipyards. There’s nothing stopping us from doing the same.

If we build these ships overseas then that means £1.5bn of taxpayer’s money will be spent out of the UK. Instead, it should be used to support British jobs, skills, and communities who will pay tax and spend money in their local shops to keep the national economy going.

So, if you support our proud shipbuilding heritage and want to keep those skills and jobs in the UK then you can add your voice to our campaign by clicking on the link to send a strong message to the Secretary of State for Defence.

She has the power to change the National Shipbuilding Strategy at the stroke of a pen to build these ships at home. It’s time to put skills, jobs, and communities first.


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